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What a little sweetie! This was such a fun session. Her little smile just melts our hearts!


We love newborns, be sure to plan your newborn session with us ASAP! We have about 14 days after a baby is born to get the best newborn pictures possible!

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We had so much fun with our fall mini sessions that we are planning Holiday Minis! These sessions will be geared toward getting pictures of your children in our adorable set! The cuteness is in overload with this one and you will NOT want to miss it!!

November 12th, 2016 is the date to mark on your calendar!


We may be biased, but we have some of the cutest models!!


This will be the set we will be using to create your beautiful moments. Though it seems crazy to talk about the Holidays already we want to make sure YOU get a spot!!

Let us know ASAP that you are wanting a spot because they will fill up quickly!!

608-417-7696 or

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Just because who doesn’t love a precious and memorable photo. Here are a few from my recent studio sessions.



These are not just pictures, nor are they just my career, they are timestamps capturing the delicate and beautiful lives that are less that 14 days old. My heart skips a beat when I think of the sentiment I am capturing!


If you have a special object, blanket or addition that you would like to have as part of a session please let me know so I can incorporate it just as we did with this guitar. This precious baby girl stole her daddy’s from the moment she was born, and now he has this picture to show off his two favorite things!


If you are pregnant (no matter how far along), or just had a baby (very recently) I encourage you to contact me to find out when we can capture these special moments for you and your family! or 608-417-7696


Also remember to connect with us on social media (links below!)

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Do you obsess over “looking good” for family pictures?? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Because to be honest who would want to hang up a picture or pictures where your family isn’t matching or is too matchy-matchy. Hours and hours are spent figuring out the PERFECT outfit combinations. Well we are excited to bring you a few tips on what TO do and what NOT TO do when dressing your family for our Fall Mini Sessions OR our Holiday Mini Sessions!

**** DON’T FORGET!! We only have 2 maybe 3 spots left for our Fall Minis, So E-mail us at or call 608-417-7696 to get your spot!!

October 15th ~ 20 minutes ~ 3-5 professional images ~ $125


These will be done  on the porch of our new house. Perfect for your Christmas Card pictures or just a quick, fun and beautiful family picture! ****

Okay back to our tips!

1) Dress yourself first!

Moms… This is for YOU! It may sound backwards because shopping for the kids is so much fun, but when have your kids ever looked bad in a picture? Every outfit is adorable, or at least our kids make them adorable (except maybe jump suits?!? but even those) Our kids steal the show in all the pictures and thats great. Why we say dress yourself first is because if you don’t feel and look great in the pictures you will never hang them up (sadly, because everyone else would complement you!). We don’t want you investing in family pictures just to dislike the shirt you wore and stare at it for 20 years. We want you to feel beautiful! So go shopping for YOU, find something you love… a color, pattern, dress, skirt, accessory, ANYTHING and then dress your family around that! You will love the pictures because you will remember feeling good and as long as your don’t make your hubby wear something too tight he will love the pictures just the same! HAVE FUN SHOPPING 😉

2) Pick a Store

This one is extra helpful for people who worry about colors and patterns. One of my favorites is Old Navy so we will use that as the example. Because it is the same brand the adult clothes and the kids/baby clothes most likely go together! They have similar & matching color tones and patterns! Another option is Gymboree. Just pick a section and stick to it! Almost always if you pull an entire outfit together from a section it will look great!! Another option are Gap & GapKids. You could do this at most store, because they already pick pieces that go together, but it is fun to see what you can choose!


If you are style challenged or awesome with style, you will fall in love with this site (or app)! This site lets you put together outfits and see what they will look like! They give great style advice and give you examples of great outfit choices and where to purchase each piece! Sometimes their suggestions are high priced stores, but they do give stores that have less expensive options too! Check it out, and let us know what you think!

4) Do NOT pick One Color and Stick to it

All white, black, yellow, green, demin or any other thing is NOT good! This is the too matchy-matchy dilemma. When you are behind the camera you see what stands out… we want your outfits are to blend into the rest of the picture. They shouldn’t be the focal point of the image, that should be your families beautiful smiles! To avoid your clothes becoming the focal point it is better to add natural variety instead of putting everyone in the same color!

5) Do NOT pick something too “runway”

I know we all want to be a Victoria Secret model in the wings, but they probably are not good for the family photoshoot. Okay I’ve never had anyone show up with wings, but sometimes our favorite sweater 10 years later is a gag kind of thing. And though it is great to remember styles for our past, we also want timeless pictures! Now I don’t want to contradict our first point in wearing something you feel comfortable in, but the ugly Christmas sweater can wait for a party that is meant for that beauty!


I hope these tips help you in picking out the attire for you and your family to have a beautiful picture this year and for many years to come!!

Let us know if you have any questions and though we aren’t fashion-istas we are more than willing to help, because as photographers we see a lot of what looks good and what is not so good! , Facebook , Instagram, or by phone 608-417-7696

Happy Fall!!

P.S. Here is one of our precious newborns from a recent studio shoot, just to bring a smile to your day!




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